Lies – Mindy Braasch

November 17, 2011


Lies - Mindy Braasch

Lies – Mindy Braasch


Relationships are amazing things. Getting to know someone on that personal of a level can be wonderful. You have a chance to open yourself up to another person. However, in doing so, it makes it that much more painful if it turns out that the other person was not being as honest about themselves as you were.


I thought, I thought things would stay the same
I thought, I thought you would never change
Who is this stranger walking into my life?
Just when I thought I had finally seen the light

Oh you aren’t what I thought you were
My heart’s breaking from this love
How could it be wrong what seemed so right
And all you’ve been telling me is lies

I’m pining, longing for the person I thought you were
I’m reaching, but not seeing the person you told me you were
I find myself crying for the past I thought was the truth
What did I do to deserve this besides falling for you?


I’m actually glad that I got away from you
All that we had wasn’t great because of you
Don’t try to get me back, cause I’ve left you for the truth
Maybe one day you’ll understand why

I promise this will be the last song I write for you
You never deserved it, the thoughts I wasted on you
Leave me alone, you’ve hurt me enough, I’m moving on
One day the only thing I’ll remember of you is this song

Oh you aren’t what I thought you were
I won’t let my heart break anymore
It’s so wrong though it seemed so right
And I don’t care anymore about your lies

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